Wine 1.2 beta not running programs

Since I made the foobar2000 installation guide, my laptop was stolen. So, obviously I attempted to install foobar2000 on my new GIGABYTE Q1580P-VA.

The latest stable Wine (1.0.1) wouldn’t play audio properly (Dune 2000 had problems), so I figured the same would happen with foobar. I attempted to install WinePulse 1.1.31 (Neil), but no programs would start. I then found a newer repository, WinePulse 1.1.39 (Eric), installed it. Same deal as with 1.1.31. Looking for a solution today, I came across this thread.

Just run in terminal:

sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/wine-pthread /usr/bin/wine-pthread

WinePulse 1.1.39 now works for me (I recommend Eric’s PPA over Neil’s as it is more recent). Hope this helps!

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